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Dan Sheedy(non-registered)
Hey there,

Just wanted to thank you for sharing your photos and some of Canada's rich culture through this website and your youtube channel. Your work encapsulates a great part of my understanding and love for my country, and it fits perfectly with the Rankin Family's music. My parents listened to the Rankins when I was a child, and it has been a joy rediscovering their music and coming across your excellent work in the process.

The Big Dawg(non-registered)
Some very nice photography here. Very soothing. Keep up the great work.
Ran across your submission Chi Mi Na Morbheanna while revisiting some songs by the Rankin Family on ytube. Great photos of this wonderful country we have the privilege to live in and enjoy in peace. Thank you.
Hugh Duthie(non-registered)
WOW is all I can say, you have an eye for photography and you make the simple things look so wonderful. You are a true artist beautiful work.
Thank you for the insight into your world.
Dan Dnistransky(non-registered)
I stumbled across this website on a review from a sweet friend.
I have to admit that I am impressed,I saw beauty in simple things that I take for granted.
I want to thank you for allowing me into your world.
I am a better person because of it.
I have goosebumps as I look through your work. You are such an amazing person/photographer. The way too, that you've married words and quotes to the photo's is like music. I am in love with your work. As you, I adore nature and all that she offers (especially winters). Thank you for sharing your talent as it brings me such joy and peace and now that I've found it, I cannot wait to share it with others♥
Norma Cone
I love your work. What IS that "blue" thing on the stones in the water? The old homestead house belonged to the Finnbogason family. And of course I "awed" when I saw the kitty! Looking forward to sharing your website address with my other friends and family.
brother ron(non-registered)
nice work sis
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