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Winter is long where I live, but has a gentle beauty. Everything---roofs, the roads we drive on----is snow-covered all winter long. And one morning you emerge from under the two feet of blankets on the bed and look out the window to find that the minus 30 air has covered everything outside in hoarfrost. Every twig, every blade of long grass poking up through the snow, is covered with thick crystals that sparkle in the sun, until the sun evaporates it away. But just for that early morning, you walk out into a fairytale loveliness.
Stopping By Woods On A Snowy EveningMorning, January FirstHay Bales In FogFrosty Towering Spruce TreesRiverbank QueenFrosty QueenSunrise FrostWinter Morning WalkNovember FieldNovember Silence ~ Single TreeAcross the FieldsNovember SilenceWinter WoodsGuardianWinter WillowBeyond the GatesThe Haunted Tree

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