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Some of my favourite songs: Summer Lightning by Garnet Rogers; Stone and Sand by the Rose Vaughan Trio; Our Leaves Are Green Again by Randy Bachman; The Rankin Family's version of an old Gaelic folk song, Chi Mi Na Morbheanna, and another of Garnet Rogers' songs, Summer's End (1). Set to slideshows of my photographs.

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But really, you need to get these albums. These are only samples of the incredibly beautiful works on each of them. And you can get them here:
Garnet Rogers: "Summer Lightning" and "Summer's End" (from the albums of the same names), available from
Rose Vaughan Trio: "Stone and Sand", from the album Fire In the Snow, available from
Randy Bachman: "Our Leaves", from the album Jazz Thing, available from
The Rankin Family: "Chi Mi Na Morbheanna", from the album The Rankin Family, available from

Garnet Rogers: Summer Lightning

Rose Vaughan Trio: Stone and Sand

Randy Bachman: Our Leaves Are Green Again

The Rankin Family: Chi Mi Na Morbheanna

Garnet Rogers: Summer's End (1)

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